About Us

West Java Syndicate is an Ethnic-Fusion group formed by drummer Zahar Mustilaq in Bandung on late 2010.
This group of people delivered a unique mix between modern progressive/jazzrock with traditional sundanese (Indonesia) music as their concept. The group consists of 3 jazz and rock musicians , including Zahar Mustilaq (drums), Yopi D Nafis (keyboard), and Dede SP (electric bass) and a traditional sundanese musician, Dosenk (Kendang/Suling). Recorded and released debut EP in 2013 called ‘Albeum Leutik’. Also playing in the record, some other traditional sundanese musicians : Asep Hadiat (Kendang), and Ludi Heryanto (Rebab, Tarompet). Samba Sunda‚Äôs Zinner Kendang is also a former member of this group in the early formation.
In the early 2014, Randy Gevenk joined the group to fill the woodwind section
And in late 2014, Ipin joined the group replacing Dosenk